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Why are we breaking down silos + building connections? RayNa Corp shares its "why" for supporting SoLI.

Even the sponsors of Vanderbilt Law School's Summit on Law and Innovation (SoLI) are "in it" because of SoLI's mission: breaking down silos and building connections across the legal profession to move forward TOGETHER. We've asked our generous sponsors to share their "why" for supporting SoLI in a series of short posts. This is the "why" of Rayna Corp, a SoLI marketing sponsor.

The legal field is built on the idea of helping those in need of legal services by becoming advocates – often fierce advocates. This fire and desire to provide the absolute best legal services possible to all who come before lawyers can lead to a professional career that is overwhelming, more adversarial than amicable and never-ending. My personal and professional experience has led me to believe lawyers are some of the most honorable and hard-working individuals alive. I have worked more overtime in my legal career, never actually working less than the lawyers I was employed by, than any other industry I have had contact with over the years.

And while this field of lawyers is fighting for their clients, sometimes they forget to take off the gloves when collaborating with others in the field. Supporting lawyers on their mission is both an honor and a challenge. Technology is a necessary component of lawyers finding true balance in both their professional and personal lives. It also allows them to provide their clients an experience tailored to their unique needs. But those of us who support lawyers have an obligation to ensure we honor the experience of our clients – the lawyers. Breaking down the silos built around law is something we live and breathe.


We are honored to support SoLI and believe that radical collaboration …. with a dash of compassion and true grit … is the real secret to unlocking a better future for lawyers and all those they serve.

Lori Gonzalez

Co-Founder, RayNa Corp

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