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Designing legal innovation at SoLI

by Cat Moon

A critical part of the agenda for the Summit on Law and Innovation (SoLI) is a human-centered design sprint. In the sprint, all SoLI participants will engage in a hands-on exercise to introduce the design process and mindsets and provide a loose structure to create opportunities for collaboration extending far beyond our day together on April 30.

The interactive and collaborative nature of a design sprint is critical to the important work ahead of us in breaking down silos and building connections to seed innovation across the legal profession. Design sprints also capitalize on the incredible synergy that comes from a physical gathering of people from diverse parts of the legal profession along with those from other disciplines. Lawyers, law school deans, and judges will be joined by coders, medical school professors, and COOs from other industries. Inspired by SoLI #primer and #ignite speakers, our SoLI colleagues will become designers of legal innovation projects!

Christy Burke, President of Burke & Company legal/tech PR firm, has been working in the legal industry for nearly two decades, helping to connect dots between legal practice and legal technology. For her, a recent human-centered design sprint proved to be a transformative, collaborative experience:

"At the LegalXX conference in Chicago this past March, I attended a Legal Design Sprint workshop conducted by Cat Moon, a professor from Vanderbilt Law School, and it was a transforming experience for me. Having been in the legal/tech industry for over 17 years now, I have always felt like an observer or outsider, not necessarily an included participant. The Legal Design Sprint workshop showed me that my perspective and insights were valuable to add cognitive diversity to our team. Since LegalXX, my vision of my role in the legal/tech industry is much more active and I am confident I can be part of the solution to some of the myriad challenges that we face going into the future. I am greatly looking forward to the Legal Design Sprint at the Summit on Law & Innovation (SoLI) in Nashville on April 30th where Cat will be collaborating with other esteemed colleagues to show all attendees that we can - and already are - part of the solution, if we choose to take that on."

In my work at Vanderbilt Law School, I teach students the process and mindsets of human-centered design because it offers a valuable and powerful complement to "thinking like a lawyer." I can't wait to share these tools with my SoLI colleagues on April 30!

Join us at SoLI! Learn about big ideas, share your own, and be part of breaking down silos and building connections across the legal profession. Radical collaboration: we go faster, and farther, together.

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