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An #ignite preview: Patrick Palace

Leading up to Vanderbilt Law's Summit on Law and Innovation on April 30, 2018, we're sharing brief teasers of the provocative ideas our speakers will explore. Today, we get a glimpse into Patrick Palace's #ignite talk. Enjoy!

About Patrick Palace (@PalaceLaw)

Patrick is the owner of Palace Law, a firm of workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys. Patrick was the past President of the Washington State Bar Association, is a member of the Executive Council of the National Conference of Bar Presidents that prepares and trains Bar leadership nationwide, and he is also co-chair of 21st Century Lawyer (a monthly national webinar for bar leaders).

Patrick is a dedicated practitioner of yoga and speaks regularly on the topics of mindfulness and the future of the legal profession. Patrick opened a winery, Sunken Cellars, whose 2016 & 2017 vintage includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Albariño and an Italian red blend (

Patrick is also a proud father who has a tendency to listen to his music (while drinking wine, and sometimes practicing yoga) louder than his non-rocker children would like.

What ideas will Patrick ignite at SoLI?

Creating joint ventures with tech companies to innovate new solutions for small firms.

Every attorney has at least one great idea about how to make their firm more efficient and faster, how to give better customer service or a better user experience. Maybe you have an idea how to improve marketing for new clients and maybe even the dream of a “seamless” intake process. Whatever your great idea, if it’s not in place by now, it’s probably because you don’t have all the skills or the time to figure it out.

Patrick's #ignite talk is about taking the next step to actually putting your ideas into action by building partnerships with tech companies and other subject matter experts. He will share five ideas and five finished projects that any firm could do. So, after Patrick's talk, you CAN turn your great idea into a seamless intake, a faster workflow, new clients, an improved client interface or any other innovation you can dream up. Now it’s your turn. With this new blueprint, what are YOU going to innovate next?

Join us at SoLI2018! Learn about big ideas, share your own, and be part of breaking down silos and building connections across the legal profession. Radical collaboration: we go faster, and farther, together.

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