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An #ignite preview: Joe Green

Leading up to Vanderbilt Law's Summit on Law and Innovation on April 30, 2018, we're sharing brief teasers of the provocative ideas our speakers will explore. Today, we get a glimpse into Joe Green's #ignite talk. Enjoy!

About Joe Green (@josephmgreen)

Joe Green is a Senior Legal Editor at Thomson Reuters Practical Law, a premier legal know-how service for business lawyers. Joe focuses on writing Practical Law's startup and venture capital content to help law firm and in-house attorneys practicing in that space work more efficiently.

Prior to joining Practical Law, Joe was a senior attorney with Gunderson Dettmer in New York, where he served as outside general counsel to high-growth startups, advising these companies and their venture capital investors on a wide range of legal and business issues. Joe started his legal career as a securities lawyer with Simpson Thacher in New York.

Joe's academic work has been published in the North Carolina Law Review, Hastings Law Journal and Virginia Law Review Online, and he is the author of a forthcoming book chapter on legaltech and startup lawyering.

What ideas will Joe ignite at SoLI?

As legaltech offerings evolve, it is becoming clearer that lawyers will increasingly be spending their time interacting with technology platforms that integrate a variety of solutions into a seamless interface, guiding lawyers through their workflows and providing the information and tools they require at the point of need. Such platforms will likely involve a combination of legal project management tools, document automation and assembly technologies, knowledge management systems and legal know-how materials, all integrated using design thinking and process mapping.

Since even routine legal work often involves fact-dependent gray areas where attorneys are called upon to use their judgment, it will be vital for anyone working on creating new integrated legaltech platforms to leverage concepts from the field of instructional design to better arm their attorney customers with the information they need to make those judgment calls, delivered in a manner that they can easily digest in real time.

The academic field of instructional design is an interdisciplinary subject area at the intersection of education, business, technology and design. According to one definition, instructional design “encompasses the analysis of learning and performance problems, and the design development, implementation, evaluation and management of instructional and non-instructional processes and resources intended to improve learning and performance in a variety of settings, particularly educational institutions and the workplace.”

Design thinking is already familiar to many in the legaltech community, but instructional design may be less well-known to those outside of academia. In this Igniter Talk, Joe will reveal how instructional design concepts such as performance support and microlearning will be essential in order to create legaltech platforms for the specialized knowledge workers of tomorrow.

Join us at SoLI2018! Learn about big ideas, share your own, and be part of breaking down silos and building connections across the legal profession. Radical collaboration: we go faster, and farther, together.

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