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An #ignite preview: Alyson Carrel

Leading up to Vanderbilt Law's Summit on Law and Innovation on April 30, 2018, we're sharing brief teasers of the provocative ideas our speakers will explore. Today, we get a glimpse into Alyson Carrel's #ignite talk. Enjoy!

About Alyson Carrel (@alysoncarrel)

Alyson Carrel is the first appointed Assistant Dean of Law & Technology Initiatives at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. She is committed to ensuring students understand the impact of technology on the future of legal services and the exiting opportunities within this changing landscape. As a clinical assistant professor in the Center on Negotiation & Mediation, Alyson has had clinic students create tech-based solutions to challenges in the delivery of mediation services such as A2J Author guided interviews and online mediation preparation documents for pro se parties as well as twitter campaigns to increase the public awareness of mediation. Her use of technology in the classroom was profiled in Above the Law and featured in an AALS video on law school teaching best practices.

What ideas will Alyson ignite at SoLI?

You can’t ignore it any longer. Technology and innovation are impacting the practice of law and changing expectations for tomorrow’s lawyers. What is the law school response? And how can we ensure the law students of today understand the changing skill set required for them to be successful? Law schools have successfully begun implementing discrete initiatives for students to explore the use of technology in legal practice, process improvement, and innovation. Yet these opportunities only reach a small subset of students. Can we say we are adequately preparing tomorrow’s lawyers if we don’t expose all students to this changing landscape?

In this igniter talk, Alyson will ask participants to explore with her the idea of incorporating problem-solving & innovation modules across the law school curriculum to ensure all students graduate with experience not only spotting legal issues and writing briefs, but truly understanding the underlying issue(s) presented and designing legally relevant, but not necessarily law-focused, solutions.

Join us at SoLI2018! Learn about big ideas, share your own, and be part of breaking down silos and building connections across the legal profession. Radical collaboration: we go faster, and farther, together.

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